Astrology allows even the tough times to have a greater
sense of meaning.
               —Pam Gregory

Guiding Your Life by the Light of the Moon
with Gayle MacDonald
June 12 or July 9, 2021
11am to 1pm Pacific Time
Tuition: $75 (max class size-3)

One of the long-term cycles that I follow closely is the progressed lunation cycle. This cycle helps with those big questions: What am I supposed to be doing right now? What might come next? The waxing and waning moon reflects our own cycles of creation, growth, harvest, and letting go.

We are all familiar with the 29-day lunation cycle, but the 29-year progressed lunation cycle can be a long-term beacon for our life’s path. Each phase has its own energetic characteristics: New moon (dreaming), first quarter (growing), full moon (illumination), last quarter (analyzing what you want to keep and what you want to let go of).

Join me for a 2-hour workshop that examines your life in relationship to the phases of this cycle. The workshop will be conducted on Zoom and will be limited to 3 people. Prior to the workshop, I will send you a homework assignment that asks you to reflect back on your life during each of the progressed lunar phases. We will examine this in more detail in the workshop and will also highlight the phase you are presently in so that you may be more present to what is happening now. Seeing where you’ve been can help light the way forward.


Gayle MacDonald