About Gayle

When you don’t follow your nature,
there is a hole in the universe where you were supposed to be.
               —Dane Rudhyar

Two things guide my life — my body and astrology. You might have guessed from my business name that I have Moon in Gemini. Everything I study, whether history, massage, or gardening, has an astrological component. Astrological thinking forms the framework for my life. It captures the waxing and waning of life’s rhythms, it gives language to things that are difficult to articulate, and very importantly, it connects me to my galactic roots.

Not surprisingly for a Gemini Moon, I gravitate toward journaling, writing, and teaching. My entire life has been devoted to teaching, first in public school, then as a massage educator, and now in the third part of my career-life, I am focused on helping others find guidance for their lives, sometimes using astrology as the compass and other times the body.

I am grateful to have been under the tutelage for many years of Portland astrologer Carol Ferris.

Gayle MacDonald

    Wow! Gayle. Amazing! I took intensive notes. You just opened 20 more gates to better understand myself.

    Maris Y,
    Portland, OR