One-On-One Consultations

The job of the astrologer is to understand time and teach us how to be with it.
               —Carol Ferris

Studying the chart together, one-on-one, is the typical starting place when beginning the exploration of astrology. Generally people are stirred into contacting an astrologer by a sense that their life is taking an extraordinary turn or because they are in a state of confusion. They are searching for guidance and a framework that gives meaning to what they are feeling or experiencing. I use the framework provided by Modern Astrology.

Beforehand, I will ask you to give me the date, time, and place of your birth. It is also helpful if you can identify areas of your life you want to focus on, such as your work in the world, health, relationships, or just a general overview.

When we meet, there will a great deal of purposeful conversation. I will not interpret your astrology chart while you sit and listen. Instead, we will explore the potentials shown and discuss what energizes and speaks to you. I will explain the cycles relevant to your life presently and which ones may cast a future influence. By understanding the cycles, you can work with them rather than fighting against them.

The study of your chart may lead you toward healing and reintegrating parts of yourself that were previously dormant or invisible, however, it is not meant as a treatment for psychotherapeutic concerns.

The reading lasts about 90 minutes and is conducted via Zoom. (Once the COVID-2 situation is resolved, in-person meetings will be enthusiastically resumed!)

Fee: $125.
Please contact me at: or 503-288-2943 to schedule an appointment.

Gayle MacDonald